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The TORUS project provides wider access to large-scale, clean energy development based on a profit-sharing model.

TORUS was founded by companies that have completed renewable energy investments worth more than million, and have been successfully operating in this field for almost two decades. The project is a response to the growing global demand for green energy sources. We believe that the new class of investment tools, based on programmable governance and profits can create an advantage in the energy sector and lead to international success.

That is why we aim to invest in renewable energy infrastructure worldwide and encourage investors to profits from ventures that have traditionally been reserved for global corporations and international hedge funds. We invite you to join the green and cost-effective energy project on the global market.

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RES RES Market

According to the International Energy Agency, solar and onshore wind energy are 2 out of 4 technologies that are sufficiently mature and commercially competitive with conventional energy sources.

REN21 (Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century) admitted that “2017 saw the largest annual increase in renewable energy generation capacity ever recorded, with an estimated 178 GW installed world­wide, increasing total capacity by almost 9% from 2016. Total renewable power capacity more than doubled in the decade 2007-2017, and the capacity of renewable energy sources other than hydroelectric power more than six-fold.”

Environmental Environmental sustainability

The modern world economy is facing the challenge of reducing global CO2 emissions in order to save the Earth’s climate and secure the future for generations to come. To do it without slowing down the global markets, we are facing an inevitable transition towards renewable energy sources as the main fuel for the global economy.

A further reduction in the cost of green energy, particularly wind and solar, highlights their leading role in making a positive contribution to the Earth’s sustainability. Projects such as TORUS are also essential for achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Possibilities Possibilities

Renewables are some of the most stable passive-income generating opportunities on the global market today and are shaped by a high rate of return on investment. Participation in the renewable energy sector is very cost-efficient, yet it requires large investment expenditures and industry-specific knowledge. The need for high initial investment makes this segment available solely to banks, private equity or hedge funds. The TORUS project aims to challenge this status quo and open the market to a much broader pool of investors.

Solution Solution

The new generation of investment tools based on programmable governance allows the TORUS project to engage international investors in the previously unattainable RES market. We will implement this vision with a system built around the following key components:

  • Business – created and still functioning business developments based on the solid, saturated investment.
  • Team – built around dedicated people with an impressive portfolio.
  • Compliance – with all applicable regulations.


The origins of the team date back to 2003 when 7 turbines with a total power capacity of 1.1 MW have been implemented and successfully commissioned.


Jaroslaw Prondzinski

Managing Director at GTR

Tomasz Drzazgowski

Chief Executive Officer

Martyna Chustecka

Chief Legal Officer

Marcin Telepski

Chief Technical Officer

Rafal Siwiec

Business Development Director

Cezary Zieniuk


Jarek Orlowski

Technical Advisor

Adam Czarnik

Technical Advisor

Bartosz Bilinski

Technical & Blockchain Coordinator

Andrzej Kicza

Marketing Specialist

Jedrzej Suchy

Project Management

Michal Jarmolinski

Community Manager


Jonathan Chester

Blockchain Advisor

Filip Pawczyński

Blockchain Advisor

Karthik Iyer

Blockchain Advisor


“Torus is the subsidiary of Nowa Energia, a European utility grade wind farm developer with previous partnerships with Santander and AES. Torus CEO, Tomasz Drzazgowski, explains…”   read more



What is TORUS?

TORUS is an innovative project which aims to equalise opportunities for participation in the development of green energy at all levels in the most convenient locations around the world. TORUS also plans to raise global awareness of reasonable , multimodal participation in renewable energy sources and its contribution to the prosperity of the planet.

What is the mission of the TORUS project?

Our mission is development of a unique, clean energy projects that will bring the segment of Renewable Energy Sources closer to the general public and strengthen its community through environmentally conscious and cost-effective solutions on a global scale.

Who is behind the TORUS project?

TORUS consists of market-proven renewable energy companies created by professionals and specialising in successful and profitable implementations in the sustainable energy segment.

To find out more visit our Team section.

How does TORUS project stand out from other renewable energy ventures?

TORUS will be one of the first projects in the world to offer a share in renewable energy sources based on a new generation of market-proven investment tools that will provide  investors with the venture revenue return.

How can I become a participant of your project?

For now, we invite you to contact us by Virtual Data Room button on a right top of the page. Within a few weeks we will disclose  details of participation. Because the transition to green energy is important for all of humanity, what counts is the action of every human being, so tell your friends about us.

Is TORUS a finished project? What are the development plans?

The aim of TORUS is to continuously increase the scale of projects to the highest possible efficiency in the most attractive locations for renewable energy development. The first stage of operations will be carried out in Australia, contributing over 1000 MW of planned green power production.

What is the the project timeline?

The exact timeframe will be revealed soon, but theTORUS project will be visible on many conferences from Q4 2020 onwards. We estimate that participation in the project will be possible from the second quarter of 2021, and that the full scale of TORUS activities will start in 2021.

Where can I learn more about TORUS?

It’s best to keep up to date with our social media channels and company blog to find out more about the project. You can always meet us personally at one of the soon-to-be-revealed conferences.

Do you have more questions? Contact us >

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